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CODEMANIPULATOR is an architect, artist and designer. Amongst others Codemanipulator invented and coined the (...) show more show less

CODEMANIPULATOR is an artist, architect and designer.

Amongst others Codemanipulator invented and coined the terms:

  • CodeManipulations
  • CodePainting
  • CodePoetry
  • CodeMovies
  • CodeSculpture
  • CodeArchitecture
  • CodeEverything!

Codemanipulator is the first artist to create and use the name WWW Art.

As soon as it became possible with the WWW, Codemanipulator began inventing&playing&creating&manipulating within this medium, in the sense of art. He has created the "" consciousness. This process had though a much earlier beginning. He started farther back, when there was no WWW, while he was exploring Architecture+Art and - on the other hand - technological labs, where he had seen the technology, that only many years later were about to see daylight. To some degree Codemanipulator is a scientist. His works are often exhibits needed to underscrore his thesis and his statements in art, in architecture and in design. From another point of view they also are the ground for exploration. Both attitudes are strictly related to each other.

He lives and works in:

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