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Ownetic enables coin collectors and numismatics enthusiasts to organize owned objects, present them to the world and network with like-minded people.

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Passion. Collections. Community.

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Passion. Collections. Community.
  • Tell fellow collectors about yourself. Let others to get to know you and your passion.
  • Develop a contact section and let people find you.
  • Get a customizable link to your profile and share it as your official page.
  • Have an easy access to your profile and collections from any device.
Passion. Collections. Community.

Document and organize your collectibles

Passion. Collections. Community.
  • Digitize and catalog your coins and banknotes.
  • Present your collectibles using high-resolution images.
  • Fill in tailored parameters to build a complete database of your objects.
  • Get your coins and banknotes organized and under control in one secure place.
  • Use public/private features to manage your items’ visibility.
Passion. Collections. Community.
Passion. Collections. Community.

Discover and be discovered

  • Discover amazing collections of coins and banknotes shared by other members.
  • Browse categories, use search and filters to find remarkable pieces.
  • Follow inspiring people, learn from passionate experts and share your expert knowledge.
  • Be featured among the most outstanding objects shared on Ownetic and obtain extra recognition.
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